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Select Similar in AutoCAD

You can right-click on an object in AutoCAD and pick Select Similar to select all the objects in a drawing with shared, or similar, properties.  You can also enter SELECTSIMILAR at the command line.  However, you might be wondering what AutoCAD considers “similar”.  This is controlled in the command settings.  Enter SELECTSIMILAR at the command […]

Which Mapping Products Are “Better”, ESRI’s Or Autodesk’s?

I’ve heard the question many times, and I’ve heard a lot of answers. “ESRI’s products make inaccurate maps”, claim some AutoCAD users, while some ArcGIS users feel that “AutoCAD ruins our coverages”.  In reality, BOTH families of products are excellent for certain tasks, and not so good for others, but the gap is closing and […]

Converting & Tracking Map Coordinates

If you are using Civil 3D or Land Desktop, it includes a version of Autodesk MAP, which provides a number of methods for dealing with digital maps from multiple coordinate systems. In addition to a wide variety of advanced import and export features, MAP 3D also provides the ability to convert coordinate systems through queries, automatically converting […]

Thematic Mapping

With the introduction of the Display Manager in Autodesk MAP 3D 2005, you now have a better way to create thematic maps from your AutoCAD drawings.  A thematic map uses properties like color and line width to display objects by data classifications. An example of this is a map of pipelines where you use different […]

Trimming and Breaking Objects

At one point or another, we are all faced with the tedious prospect of breaking or trimming a lot of drawing objects on different layers.  TheMAP > TOOLS menu offers two great utilities to make these tasks easier: Boundary Trim and Boundary Break.  The dialog boxes that control these two tools are very similar. This tutorial shows how Boundary Trim works. Simply substitute […]

Need to Find Objects in your Drawings? Just Ask!

AutoCAD Map 3D, which is sold as a stand-alone application, but is also included with Land Desktop and Civil 3D, allows you to use queries.  Using queries, you can search through one or many drawings and identify, select, isolate, modify and/or copy drawing objects and extract information that would otherwise be extremely tedious and difficult to […]