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Trimming and Breaking Objects

At one point or another, we are all faced with the tedious prospect of breaking or trimming a lot of drawing objects on different layers.  TheMAP > TOOLS menu offers two great utilities to make these tasks easier: Boundary Trim and Boundary Break.  The dialog boxes that control these two tools are very similar. This tutorial shows how Boundary Trim works. Simply substitute […]

Need to Find Objects in your Drawings? Just Ask!

AutoCAD Map 3D, which is sold as a stand-alone application, but is also included with Land Desktop and Civil 3D, allows you to use queries.  Using queries, you can search through one or many drawings and identify, select, isolate, modify and/or copy drawing objects and extract information that would otherwise be extremely tedious and difficult to […]

Save the Current Map as a New Drawing

One of the many powerful features of AutoCAD Map 3D is Thematic Mapping, which allows you to quickly alter the way AutoCAD objects appear.  For instance, you can use it to display all of the lines on a sewer pipe layer using different colors, representing the size of each pipe. A major benefit of Thematic Mapping is that it does not permanently […]

Vexed by 3D Polylines?

3D Polylines can be quite useful, but sometimes you might find them in a map and struggle to use them as 2D boundaries, wishing there was a simple way to convert them to flat polylines. The Drawing Cleanup dialog box in Map 3D and Civil 3D offers a solution.  This tool is available from the Tools tab of the ribbon […]

A Better Way to Join Polylines

We’ve all been there.  It’s crunch time and you encounter hundreds or maybe thousands of individual line segments that should be continuous polylines.  Perhaps they are contours or tax lots, or maybe street center lines.  The end points are snapped together, but when you try to select them or perform some operation on them, you […]

Exporting Object Data to a DBF

In our book “Digging Into AutoCAD Map 3D 2011 – Level 1 Training” we cover the basics of Object Data and External Database Links.  We explain the differences between these two methods of linking data to AutoCAD objects, and what types of data are appropriate for each. At some point, you might wish to do a little more […]