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Using Range Tables in Property Alteration Queries

Here is a relatively easy way to create a quick thematic map, based on Object Data.  In addition to Object Data, this tutorial also requires some familiarity with the Task Pane and using Queries to bring Source Drawings into Current Drawings. These and other basic Map 3D topics are covered in detail in our book “Digging Into AutoCAD Map 3D 2011”. Our book shows you how […]

Viewing and Editing Linked Data

In AuotCAD Map 3D, when an external database is attached to a drawing, the data is not brought into the drawing file as AutoCAD Mapobjects or data. Instead, the database is attached through a Universal Data Link file. Linking records in an external database to individual drawing objects requires some setup. Much of this setup is a one-time task, […]

Calculating Geodetic Distance

There are many tools in AutoCAD for measuring distances.  With features like Object Snap, it is a simple matter to get a very precise number of units between any two points.  But is this precise measurement accurate?  As I concluded in a  tutorial on Accuracy vs. Precision several years ago, it is sometimes better to be approximately correct, than precisely wrong. […]