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Select Similar in AutoCAD

You can right-click on an object in AutoCAD and pick Select Similar to select all the objects in a drawing with shared, or similar, properties.  You can also enter SELECTSIMILAR at the command line.  However, you might be wondering what AutoCAD considers “similar”.  This is controlled in the command settings.  Enter SELECTSIMILAR at the command […]

Digital Signatures In AutoCAD

You can use a digital signature to sign a drawing or group of drawings from within AutoCAD or by using a batch tool found in the Autodesk program group. It is important to remember that a digital signature is an attached, encrypted certificate. Not a visual representation of a handwritten signature. A digital signature provides […]

Annotative Object Properties

There are a number of very interesting new features in AutoCAD 2008, including the ability to fade the appearance of locked layers,  control layer properties by viewport, and link AutoCAD tables directly to spreadsheets, so that changes to either the AutoCAD table or the spreadsheet automatically update the other.  All very impressive, indeed. However, the most exciting improvement […]